5 Shoes Every Man Should Own

Chances are, in your footwear closet right now, you’ve got a host of shoes that look pretty similar. Whether your weakness is sneakers, or shoes of a certain colour, the fact is we all lean to the comforts of footwear that fits in to what we do and how we live.

Rightfully so – but regardless of all of these things, there are still 5 styles of shoes – and 5 purposes that they serve – that every man should have stashed in his cupboard to get the most out of his collection.

1. Sneakers

With sneaker culture going through a seemingly never-ending boom, it’d be crazy to say you don’t need a pair of sneakers in your wardrobe – in fact, you probably need a few. Let’s assume you have a pair of runners to hit the gym with and concentrate on the styles you need for your off-duty wardrobe.  

White leather sneakers for men have become a necessity. They go with quite literally everything, always look crisp (providing you look after them) and will stay comfy on your feet all day. However, they’re not an ideal partner for the winter months, or some smart/casual events outside of summer, so it’s worth having a pair in your rotation with a bit more personality.
A coloured suede can do this really well – which is why we’ve made the Drake sneaker in navy suede. It’s perfect for date night, evenings in town or anytime you want to look smart… but not too smart.

2. Boots

Whether your style is on the rugged side, or sleek and sharp, you’ll need a pair of boots in your wardrobe.

Pick a fabrication to suit your style; suede Chelsea boots have an air of rock n roll about them – whereas their leather counter parts are much more succinct and suited to anyone who’s wardrobe has a more tailored feel.

Hiking boots are ideal for all-round winter weather. D+D x Fracap Hiking Boots are purposefully designed to be both lightweight and suitable for all-day urban wear, but also built to withstand the harsh winter chill and rugged terrain. 

3. Dress shoes

Although our workplaces are getting more and more casual by the day, you’ll always have a need for a strong pair of dress shoes no matter what walk of life you’re from.

What you go for is entirely down to preference and how you like to wear your formal attire. Luckily, some elements of dress shoes have been influenced by casual culture – such as the rise of men’s tassel loafers. If you want to look smart without feeling like you’ve been stuffed into an outfit that isn’t yours, they’re a great start for comfort and style. Then of course there’s the old traditional styles that promise to never date, likes brogues and oxfords – these are a go to for the old school gent, but no way as versatile as their modern counterparts.


4. Slides

So laid back it’s practically horizontal – just as you should be when you’ve slipped these off to laze in the sun – the slide is a must have for anyone who gets to experience a good summer, or a decent holiday in warm weather.

The only shoe you’ll want for a day of slinking from the pool to the bar and back again, slides are often pigeon-holed as a holiday shoe – but that’s not the case.

We’ve developed Duke + Dexter slides to be sturdy with leather and suede construction so that you can wear your slides round the house, or with your casual looks. The slide is the ultimate shoe for slip on and slip off comfort and deserves a spot in your footwear rotation for those forays into town, quick trips out and lazy days round the house.


5. Loafers 

Speaking of versatility, a good loafer has to be in your footwear rotation to give you the ultimate in style flexibility from just one pair. So easy to put your own personal stamp on, men’s loafers are the ultimate companion whether you’re relaxing or getting dressed up.

Wear them with a pair of jeans for off duty style, then wear with chinos or trousers when you need to smarten up. We’ve made sure that Duke + Dexter loafers come in a whole range of different colours, prints and fabrics. Designed and handmade to be comfortably worn all day.