Caitlyn & Chris

Chris actually met his bride Caitlyn at another wedding – so it’s safe to say they both knew the kind of party they wanted to throw to celebrate their nuptials.

Both from Louisville, Kentucky, Chris is a huge fan of the Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino film ‘From Dusk Til Dawn’. “It’s been my favourite movie for as long as I can remember” explains Chris. “I use the character name and image for most of my social media profiles. I use it so much that a lot of my friends will often call me Seth.”

It’s Seth Gecko, the character played by George Clooney that makes Chris’ D+D’s so unique – hand painted against a classic black nubuck background.

The wedding was a traditional affair -around 100 closest friends and family, with Chris wearing a timelessly elegant black tuxedo. “The custom shoes gave me a chance to add a bit of personality to the ensemble.” Said Chris – “It was one heck of a party!”.

Chris’ unique and personal touch to his attire was loved by their guests, and in fitting style, he’s glad he chose a pair to cherish – “I plan to wear them each year on our anniversary.”


Nora and Maximilian

What’s the best way to remember your big day? Maybe an amazing photographer, or a video you’ll want to watch again and again – or how about your own custom made logo?

That’s exactly what Maximilian had made to commemorate the day he got married to his bride, Nora, and to make the day complete, he even had them hand-painted on his D+D loafers.

“The shoes have our custom wedding logo on them. This Logo has been developed for the wedding and resembles the first letter of our names.” Says Maximilian, who has since updated it to include the another letter for their first child.

Maximilian met Nora at a Bavarian party in the town of Passau – whilst both wearing full traditional German clothing; so ,it was apt that it was the starting point of their celebrations on the day of their wedding, ten years later.

“We chartered a river cruise ship for three days and drove from Passau to Krems an der Donau in Austria. Passau is where we met and Krems is where my wife studied for years.” Explained Maximilian.

The shoes were well received by all 120 of Maximilian and Nora’s guests: “Nothing about this wedding was standard, so the shoes really had to fit in.”