D+D Interviews - Gil Antolin


People inspire us – they drive us, they help us. Having good people in your life is one of the biggest joys and privileges you can have; and through ‘D + D Interviews – against the grain’, we want to bring you more of that feel-good vibe that comes from company that comforts, enthuses and creates.

We’ll be using this space to chat to the brave, the daring and the outright different. We’ll be talking to the people who tread a different path, who instigate change in their own lives and the lives of others and who show that breaking the mould isn’t as impossible as we sometimes all think.


First up is Gil Antolin. Founder of Luxury World Traveller. Gil turned his life upside down to make sure that his job was his passion. Here, we talk all things travel with the man who’s gained more air miles than Frank Abagnale; from how he got his business where it is today, to where our next holiday should be and how to be best prepared to get there.  


Gil’s talking to us whilst looking out over the Italian Alps. It’s a crystal-clear early Autumn day – seemingly endless blue sky only pierced by the rugged tips of grey mountains. Luscious green forests sit in the valleys below and the anticipation of another good snow season coming to the ski resorts seems to linger in the crisp air.

“As long as I have a laptop and Wi-Fi I can typically work from anywhere”

starts Gil, sitting comfortably at a restaurant table. “A typical day consist of me reviewing media content that we have produced at hotels and resorts, managing our social media pages, then speaking with social media influencers and hotels that we want to collaborate with.”


Gil’s company specialises in bringing you the dream. Not just travelling, but travelling in style, and living out your trip like there’s no tomorrow. Not only committed to showing you how to make the most of where you’re headed, Luxury World Traveller also helps the best hotels, restaurants and bars showcase what they have waiting for you when you get there.  

“If I’m not in the office I’m most likely with my production team at a hotel/resort or destination, trying to produce the best digital media to showcase the area – that’s my favourite part of the job.”


But shooting drone videos on some of the world’s most pristine beaches or getting the right angles over the highest infinity pools on the planet didn’t happen by chance. Gil began the route to living his dream by promoting his passion of travel on Instagram through his page.

“I was self-employed for 15 years before I started the Instagram page – this helped me tremendously, because I applied the same discipline that I had in my own businesses to run the page. The consistency, the quality and the overall product was always my first concern.” Says Gil.


“I was working harder on making a good Instagram page then I was at my own job. That’s when I decided to take a leap of faith and pursue turning the Instagram page into a business.”

For 3 and a half years, Gil was posting 6-8 times a day on his travel page, collecting followers and gathering momentum: 

“I decided to research places I wanted to go to, and would spend about six hours every Sunday looking at all the best hotels, restaurants and activities of each destination. Then I’d try to find the best possible high-resolution photograph to put on my Instagram to showcase that area.” 


The work that Gil has put into Luxury World Traveller has not been overlooked – to forge a business that represents our own dreams of escapement, and our stolen moments during the day is no small feat:

“I feel very blessed that I’ve been able to travel to so many unbelievable destinations and see so much of this world’s beauty. I take it as a personal responsibility to do the best possible job I can to really capture the uniqueness of every area – that’s my passion, and the favourite part of my job.” 


 Now, Gil’s business is creating content and helping to promote parts of the world you’ve seen in glossy magazines; sandy white beaches, private islands and rich rain forests; they’ve all become the setting for Luxury World Traveller to show you what’s waiting on the other side of that long flight – and Gil’s even full of advice on how to survive the trip getting there: 

“One thing that really comes in handy is having a lounge pass. Being able to have good Wi-Fi, eat well, grab a cocktail and have peace and quiet before and after a flight; I’ve always found it all extremely helpful in making the traveling process a lot more enjoyable.”


So, now we know how to best prep for a long flight to somewhere truly exotic, where does Gil reckon we should be heading to get our beach lounging, cocktail sipping fix? 

“The Maldives is a very special place. From how isolated it is from the rest the world, to how naturally beautiful it is and for the amazing different shades of blue in the ocean. You can’t see any land in any direction, you can’t see any city lights, you can’t see any sign of civilization. It makes you feel even more remote and I believe makes it more special.”


You can follow Gil on Instagram @luxuryworldtraveller , and his website: www.luxwt.com