Welcome to the “new normal”. You’ve probably not seen your office chair for a fair few months, you’ve definitely started spending less time outside, and you are now completely at one with your sofa, as well as an oracle when it comes to what is actually worth watching on Netflix.

SCOTT Navy Suede Loafer

It’s all change, in more aspects than we could ever have really comprehended a few short months ago, and whilst some things have become decidedly boring, others have become undoubtedly better.

Take dressing for work for instance – whilst we’ve been going through an anti-suit shift in the workplace for the last few years, the majority of people were still wearing a pair of smart trousers, shoes and shirt on their way into work.

SCOTT Off-White Suede Loafer

But, if we’re all at war with this pandemic, our uniform isn’t going to be army issue greens or sharp suits; it’s going to be slouchy, comfortable and incredibly easy-going loungewear.

In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t look like we’re going to see another seismic change to what we use our clothes for in quite a while, so buckle yourself into those tracksuit bottoms and hoodies; things are about to stay very, very cosy.

SCOTT Sky Blue Suede Loafer

With its easy-going slip on slip off nature, and its flexibility and versatility, you can wear your loafers with everything from pyjamas to shorts and joggers – making sure there’s no need to change things up if you need to do an emergency shop run or head down to the pub for a well-earned drink after a day of working at home.

MOORE Anthracite Suede Loafer

MOORE Soho Anthracite Loafer

Sometimes, it’s important to keep things super simple. This is definitely one for the minimalists, who appreciate the shade and tone of their outfits. A cuffed black jogger and a classic well-cut white tee are all you need to keep things looking sharp at home. We’ve teamed them up with our Anthracite grey loafer to make sure everything stays in the same colour palette. These loafers come with a textured rubberised sole which is great for being in the house: it won’t mark your floors and it makes sure that your feet stay comfy, along with an inner lining of Italian leather.

SCOTT Navy Suede Loafer

SCOTT Navy Suede Loafer

Got some pesky Zoom calls on the horizon? It’s time to reach for a shirt. Don’t panic, even though these wardrobe staples have roots firmly in the smarter side of style, there are plenty of ways to help make them feel more comfortable for when you’re at home. Pick out a soft flannel for the cooler days and it’ll feel more like wearing pyjamas than the stiff collared shirt you’re used to. By keeping your bottoms neutral, like with these grey cotton joggers, you can pick out pretty much any pattern or colour; we’ve matched the blue and cream of this check-up to our navy Scott loafers. With a fully flexible sole, Italian leather lining and soft suede upper, they’re supremely versatile for wearing throughout the whole year, in or out the house.

SCOTT Beige Suede Loafer

SCOTT Beige Suede Loafer

Finally, here’s one for those of you who aren’t ready to dive headfirst into the world of athleisure just yet. Never forget the power of the humble jean – with the right fit, and a little bit of stretch in the material, you’ll get a pair that feels comfy all day whether you’re sat at your home office or propped up on the couch.

Pair them with a simple white tee and a neutral loafer, like the beige Scott loafer here, and you’ll have a style that can go pretty much anywhere at the drop of a hat; perfect for anyone who’s still dashing out on errands whilst still wanting an insanely comfortable companion for knocking around the house in.