GoPro Creative Director Abe Kislevitz wears the new Nelly

Abe Kislevits knows a thing or two about taking it easy – away from his day job as Creative Director for GoPro, he spends his spare time on the North side of San Diego, exploring the place he calls home.

As one of GoPro’s creative gurus, Abe’s 9-5 isn’t bad either: “It’s an incredibly fun and exciting place to work. It provides the opportunity to mix all of the things I'm passionate about: art, technology, and the outdoors.” Says Abe, who has a background in skiing and snowboarding. “But, GoPro introduced me to so many other outdoor sports from mountain biking to surfing to motorsports. It's really cool to be able to dip your hand into a wide breadth of activities - it never gets old.”

Living in San Diego matches the pace of how Abe likes to spend his down time – with a sleepier feel, this place is a surfer’s paradise. “North County San Diego feels like it's built around surfing. You can drive down the coast and pass 10+ different surf breaks in a 10 mile stretch and just about every car you pass has a couple boards on top or inside.” Says Abe.

But the north of San Diego isn’t all wetsuits and sand: “I spend almost half of my time up in Mammoth Mountain and the Eastern Sierra mountains skiing during the winter. During the summer months I'm out camping, mountain biking, and exploring other zones of the west coast!”

Wearing one of a hundred pairs of the new Ritchie Nelly sneaker, Abe’s set to go from the surf to the mountains. “I don't think I've ever had a comfortable shoe that looked this good.” He admits – “That was one of the first things I noticed when I put on the Nelly - how much cushion and bounce I felt like I had in the shoe. It feels like the footbed has a good amount of cushion, and the tongue has a perfect shape against the top of your foot.”