Practical advice on remaining motivated during isolation. Part 1 - The Home Office

Castore is a brand that prides itself on being built by athletes, for athletes. Their ethos, Better Never Stops, is in the DNA of everything that they do. We wanted to know what they’re doing to maintain this attitude to both as a business and fitness aficionados during lockdown. This is the first of two articles by the Liverpool based team looking at what challenges they’ve faced when working from home and how they’ve overcome it.

We’ll be the first to hold our hands up and say working from home poses a unique set of challenges, things that we didn’t comprehend when the country initially went into lockdown.


Even with emails, Slack and Whatsapp, it’s difficult to feel connected to those you spend the majority of your time alongside, we took for granted being able to bounce ideas of the room and the synergy that accompanied it. The simplest way around this is to just pick up the phone, that 10 minutes of human interaction will not only give a much-needed boost but also tell you if you’re latest Eureka idea is inspired or a dud.



Basic, we know, but the act of writing a list first thing sets your day or week off to a running start, having your aims clearly defined gives you both clarity and perspective on what’s to be done. If you want to level up from traditional pen and paper, a few of our team swear by the app, Things, uber customisable, a quick Google search can give you inspiration on how to configure it for your style of working. If you’re really committed, there’s a book that complements it, Allen Dunn’s Getting Things Done: the art fo stress-free productivity.



There’s been a particular emphasis online on the importance of maintaining a routine, this we wholeheartedly agree with, but it’s not as simple as copy and pasting your regular routine, it’ll need revising and tweaking. If you’re missing your walk to work, use the lighter morning’s to go for your daily exercise, yearning for an over-priced flat white, teach yourself at home. Work out what you’re missing from day-to-day life and recreate at home, it’ll give you both a sense of normality and a hobby. Just think, the average commute in the UK is 58 minutes, giving you almost two hours every day to play with, maximise it.



Working from home, there’s a world of distractions that don’t exist in the office, ranging from pets to the TV to your coveted home delivery slot, there’s plenty to cause your attention to waver. We’d suggest designating a room or at least an area that’s purely for work, try not to move your workstation around, this will create a greater degree of separation between work time and leisure time. It’s also vital to set start and end times, it’s tempting to work both later and later, balance is essential to avoid the dreaded burn-out. Finally, if it’s your phone that’s to blame, there’s another app we can suggest, Forrest, although somewhat gimmicky, it allows the user to plant virtual trees which only grow if you’re not on your phone, the app manufacturers also plant a tree IRL for every tree grown on the app if you need extra convincing.



Finally, give yourself a break (we mean it in more ways than one). Firstly, in a literal sense, get up and move, don’t mould to your crummy IKEA desk chair, give yourself an allotted window as if you were back in school. Make a coffee, eat lunch in the garden and make the most of your hour of freedom from the house, it’ll keep you revitalised and motivated. Then also, metaphorically give yourself a break, take a step back and acknowledge that this is testing time, you shouldn’t be adding extra pressure onto yourself, you’re doing a great job.

We hope you’ve found this article insightful and practical and are looking forward to part two, looking at your training routine. If you're interested in purchasing yourself some premium performance wear from Castore, we have a 15% discount code which you can use this month: DUKEDEXTER15-ZI