With over 10 years of experience as a tailor and trained by Gieves and Hawkes of number 1, Savile Row, Tom Stott forms one third of Doherty, Evans and Stott – a trio of tailors who work with some of the finest tailors from around the world.


Tom’s view on tailoring is expandable – he’s an advocate of wearing a suit to be both smart and casual – as long as one rule is followed:

“Quality is everything! A suit really should be a second skin for a man. A coat of armour, a uniform that says nothing but still says everything. We want items that last and look timeless – for example, I still have navy blazers from 10 years ago that I’m still wearing. If you buy right, you’ll only buy once.” 


Some of the production houses Tom uses for his suits have been making for over 100 years. 


“I think provenance is still very important. When factories have been making garments or shoes for 50-100 years you know they are doing something right. I find just by touching a garment or shoe you can tell from the materials used whether it’s great quality or not. If it doesn’t feel good, the chances are it’s not good.”


Tom’s wearing the Cognac Wilde loafer with an olive made in Italy suit. 

“I can wear it with a tie to make it feel more professional or dial it down and just wear an open collar shirt underneath to head for drinks in the evening.” He says. “The fact these loafers are unlined is great too as it means I can always be comfy, with or without socks.”


“This loafer is great because it has the formality of a traditional shoe but with the comfort and softness of a modern lightweight loafer.”