Rubber Stamp Volume 12

Welcome back to Rubber Stamped – 5 of the best things to check out this week.

Whether you’re deepening that dent on the sofa with some much watch TV, looking to create some head space with one of the world’s best reads or wondering what can fill that blank space on your living room wall, this week’s Rubber Stamped has got you covered.

Watch - Friends: The Reunion

Unless you want to be completely removed from any conversation with anyone over the next few weeks, you’ll have to watch the long awaited get together of the entire Friends cast.

Thankfully, it’s not a new episode in their traditional format, but it is a brilliant nostalgic dive into the past of one of the best shows to ever hit your TV. Warning: watching this will make you feel old.

Read - The Practice of Not Thinking by Ryunosuke Koike

As a Japanese Zen priest, Ryunosuke Koike knows a thing or two about how to switch off. So, take a leaf out of his book (literally), with his text that has recently been translated to English. We’re all guilty of over thinking or doing too much – so consider this the ultimate lesson in mindfulness and shaking off negativity. Shop here.

Style - Duke + Dexter x Playboy

Our biggest collaboration to date is now live, with none other than one of the world’s most influential publications, Playboy. We’ve taken some familiar faces and given them a spin that’s inspired by some of Playboy’s best years, bringing you shoes and accessories that are as relevant as they are timeless.

At any cost - Bobo Wallmansson

If your walls are in need of some inspiration, look no further than Swedish artist Bobo Wallmansson. Bright and colourful, with a big element of fun, Bobo paints his favourite animal, the chimpanzee in a way you’ve not seen it before – often chilling on a sofa with his mates or wearing the latest designer gear. View here.

Tech - Moleskine Plain Paper Tablet

Heading back to the office in the next few weeks? Treat yourself to some new tech to make the incoming desk days that bit more bearable. The Moleskin Plain Paper Tablet sends notes you take on its screen via Bluetooth straight to any device you want – so you can scribble away and have everything saved on your computer screen in an instant. Shop here.