Welcome back to Rubber Stamped – 5 of the best things to check out this week.

Back in the day, Cleveland was only 2nd to NYC for garment production in the US – William Frederick is bringing it back home in all the right ways with some sharp pieces that have been properly made. Well worth a check if your wardrobe is looking for a hero piece or two.

Made by NPR, How to Do Everything is a podcast that does exactly what it suggests. There’s 265 episodes of pure knowledge and tips – think fishing, cooking, how to blag your way through a conversation about golf and even tips from the US Army on how to open Velcro quietly. It’s basically a cheat code for a quick-fire way to consume some lockdown knowledge.

Talk about getting nostalgia right; what ran the risk of being a real cheese fest has turned into a stroll down memory lane that anyone will love – even if you’ve not seen The Karate Kid (seriously you haven’t seen it?! Watch it. Now.). Cobra Kai is the prequel to a cult classic, kick ass, beat the bully and get the girl film – only this time, 20 something years on, it might just have you rooting for the other side, and keep you up to the small hours bingeing it on Netflix.

Think of yourself as green fingered but held back by life in the city? Fear not, because Gardyn is the bit of tech to help you grow actual food, 365 days a year, anywhere in your home. From kale to tomatoes, you can grow a whole host of fruit and veg – all your need is the starting unit and the seeds, which come in a handy coffee pod style. It’ll even tell you when you need to water your crop or give it more sunlight so you can’t become a crop killer.

Yes, seriously. A noughts and crosses game that’s coffee table worthy. Never again will you be looking for a pen and paper to while away the time spent at home – this brass based thing of beauty from L’Objet is completely unnecessary, fantastically designed and therefore, amazing.