Welcome back to Rubber Stamped – 5 of the best things to check out this week.


Hand made with some of the best suede known to man, the Wilde is a shoe that has to be worn to be believed. Crafted with suede from legendary tannery Charles F. Stead, these unlined loafers are so soft they mould to your foot, making them comfy with or without socks… can anyone else hear the sun calling their name?!



One of the music industry’s most controversial characters is back, a little over a year since being marched out of the NME’s. It’s no secret that Slowthai’s love/hate approach polarises fans, but with Tyron, he’s bought answers to the past few years no matter what side of the fence you sit, with an album that sits in two very obvious parts – all of it a very frank evaluation, delivered with tracks that are enjoyable, and go back to Slowthai’s music being exactly what it should be: relevant.



Forget legendary gangster Al Capone in a pin stripe shoot firing off a tommy gun – Tom Hardy’s latest release shows him in his final year, fresh out of prison, battling with his fast-degrading mental health. 

Originally planned for release in cinemas before the dreaded Covid put a firm stop to that, this new Netflix exclusive isn’t going to have you on the edge of your seat or hiding behind a pillow – but it does showcase Tom Hardy’s incredible talent for taking over a character and making it his own.



Welcome to the future – housework is officially a thing of the past. The Roborock S6 can map out your entire house, making sure that it hoovers and mops your floors to perfection without missing an inch. It’s even controlled by an app, so you can head out and come home to squeaky clean floors every day.



Whether you’re a fan of basketball or not, you can’t deny MJ’s pull as the icon of a golden generation right now. This collector’s card from 86-87 season has been certified original, with MJ’s signature. A serious rarity, it comes with a serious price tag as well. You’ll have to part with $99,999.99 if you want this framed on your wall.