Suits: Your Footwear Guide

We’re big believers in making the most of what you own – buy once and buy right is a powerful mantra – and we want the way our shoes are worn to reflect that.

We cherish the stylist, not the hoarder – the guy who knows that one pair of shoes can go with as many looks in his wardrobe as he can put his mind to – not the guy who buys a new pair for every occasion he’s attending.

It’s this notion of flexibility in the wardrobe that makes picking a pair of shoes pretty tricky, especially if you’re rightfully on the hunt for pairs to go with the majority of what’s already hanging in your closet.

But finding the right pair doesn’t have to feel like some kind of Indiana Jones inspired treasure hunt - check in on this quick-fire guide for colours to match with the next time you’re going the whole nine yards.


Black Shoes

You can’t go too wrong with the classics. If your penchant for tailoring is slick and sharp at the edge of minimalism, you should be teaming it up with a pair of black shoes.

The same can be said for black tie – if you’re wearing a tuxedo, there’s no other shoe you should be wearing than a black lace up, or a black loafer.

The most elegant of colours also sits with grey tailoring, from charcoal right through to light grey.

Perhaps one of the most underrated combinations, black shoes with a navy suit is a timeless look that can be nailed with the right accessories. A patterned navy tie and a crisp white shirt are the perfect accompaniment – but make sure the suit is a true navy for it to look the part with a black counterpart.


Brown Shoes

Brown for town – the easiest thing you’ll remember when it comes to when and where to wear brown shoes. Even though they’ve become something of an all-rounder in recent years, they still shouldn’t be worn at the most formal of events.

Having said that, a brown pair of shoes is probably the first pair you should get your hands on, as they’re definitely going to get plenty of wear.

Brown shoes match up through the whole spectrum of blue shades – they work wonders with all tones of grey and can tie in with some more interesting shades like olive and burgundy.

Brown is also a solid year-round shade – you can wear a pair of brown suede loafers with a cream suit or trouser in summer, then put on a pair of brown leather loafers for winter with a sharp charcoal flannel two piece.

Red Shoes

Time to go off-piste and chat about some bolder colours. Red is a great shade for an attention-grabbing look but should always be put with an understated suit – there’s nothing worse than an outfit that screams rather than whispers.
Try shades of red with charcoals and blacks and avoid anything that clashes – this includes your accessories and choice of shirt, too.


Blue Shoes

Leave the Elvis suits in the cupboard; blue shoes go way beyond the realms of some dodgy impersonation acts.

Get the shade right and you’re onto a winner. Subtle dark navy, with an almost ink like quality can look amazing with charcoal and darker coloured tailoring.

Meanwhile, much like red shades, brighter colours should be used as a contrast – but can look great in the summer months with a neutral suit in cream or sand.