The D+D Isolation Handbook Vol. 4

Listen up!

British Folk Rock band Passenger have been lighting up Facebook with live sessions. Their next is going out on Sunday; you can tune in through their page and if you’re sharp, can even send over some requests for them to play, just for you.


Food and drink

Cocktail maker

If like us, you’re indulging in a tipple or two at home, you’ll want to check out Enter what you have hanging round in the cupboards, and let the website do its magic – it’ll churn out a long list of cocktail recipes for you to try at home; you’ll stop missing the bar in no time.

Slice Slice Baby

Set up by two professional rugby players, Slice Slice Baby bring usually pizza to the masses through their roaming pizza wagon. With everyone safely inside, their Instagram has become the ultimate one stop shop in how to nail those pizza cravings from home, covering everything from making dough to picking the right toppings on their stories and videos.


Be a culture vulture

Ever fancied plucking some strings? Whether you’ve got ambitions to become the next Jimi Hendrix or your taste is more geared to Ed Sheeran’s acoustic talents, guitar makers Fender are offering three months free access to their Fender Play program – designed to help teach you to play  the guitar. It’s only available to the first million people who sign up, so if you’re like our photographer and designer John, you’ll sign up early and be serenading your mates and work friends in no time.

Eyes down

Secret Cinema’s Secret Sofa

Bringing the Secret Cinema experience to your lounge, the Secret Sofa is a new line up of confidential releases, sent straight to your inbox. Sign up here, grab the popcorn and strap in for a weekly link to some the big screen favourites you may have forgotten about. 


Keep your brain ticking over with a quiz night, then make it extra competitive by clubbing together with your friends and family for a prize. Retail Manager Damien won our latest quiz, and got his hands on a hamper from Mighty Small, who are supporting produce from small stores and companies by offering them for delivery.