The making of the Alfred Brogue

As an icon of classic menswear, and a real stalwart of the British shoe industry, we’d forgive you for thinking that a pair of brogues doesn’t quite fit into the modern guy’s wardrobe- but, in true Duke + Dexter style, we’re here to prove you wrong, and show that this legendary silhouette is just as relevant now as it has ever been.

Like most wardrobe staples, the brogue has its own unique back story. Starting life as a Gaelic outdoor shoe, it was originally fully perforated to allow water to flow through it when worn on boggy ground- originally, the brogue was entirely about practicality. This perforation later became a strictly decorative affair- called “brogueing” it’s now the hallmark of the style, thanks to over 100 years of adaptation, from country appropriate shoe, to golfers dream footwear and finally the go-to shoe of any serious style aficionado.
As you know, we love to break the mould- and with the introduction of our brand new Alfred brogue, we’re making no exception to the rule. Whilst this shoe stays true to its roots as a descendant of over 100 years of footwear history, the Duke + Dexter brogue has been crafted to rewrite the rule book, giving a traditional style a firm push into the 21st century.

We’ve put a lot of thought into the Alfred brogue to give it a strong contemporary feel. Decked out in stealthy black pebble grain leather, this shoe is ready to instantly fit into your wardrobe no matter what your style. From tailoring to denim and everything in between, the texture and deep shade of black of the leather makes sure that putting on the Alfred always feels like an easy decision.

Then there’s the sole- we’ve used a Solovair sole unit, which promises to be durable and perform in pretty much all weather conditions. It’s also Goodyear welted, which makes it water resistant, easy to re-sole and hard wearing thanks to a process that’s been perfected over the past 200 years. The Alfred wouldn’t be part of the Duke + Dexter family without a daring twist. A contrasting bright and vibrant orange lining sets this brogue apart from the crowd, giving it the perfect balance of tradition and modernity. We’ve even embossed a message to all those people still clinging to the brogue’s old school roots into the inside of the sole- you’ll see “nice shoes, Grandpa” every time you slip your foot in and out of the Alfred.  You’ll also find an orange tab embossed with the D+D logo on the heel of our brogue- ensuring that when it’s being worn, Alfred is flying the flag for being that little bit different. 
Despite all of its modern day touches, this brogue is still a fine piece of craftsmanship, and we’ve created it to pay homage to, and live up to, England’s illustrious shoe making history. Hand made in Northampton, the beating heart of the British footwear industry, the Alfred is a subtle balance of style and quality, promising to last for decades when cared for correctly.

The Alfred brogue is all about evolution- not revolution. We’re proud to have updated such an iconic style, but equally proud to have it made in the right way; it’s helped to make a good shoe brilliant, as well as versatile. We’re teaming our Duke + Dexter brogue’s with cropped trousers to show off those subtle details, but they look just as at home with office attire, or your favourite denim for the weekend.