At Duke & Dexter, we are committed to individual style and we believe D&Ds can be styled for any occasion. Whether acting as a laid back alternative when suiting up, or paired with a t-shirt and shorts for an added touch of sophistication, there's no limit to how they can be worn. 

We've created a style guide showcasing five individual looks to give you some inspiration on how to wear your D&Ds, no matter what your style.


To sock or not to sock?

A common misconception surrounding loafers is that they cannot be worn with socks, leading many people to disregard them. Not only do socks keep your feet warm and comfortable, they also provide an opportunity to add some personality to your look with some funky colours. Whatever you decide, D&Ds look great with or without socks.

                                                                                                  Tobacco Tassel and Classic Camo Styled

Suiting up

Duke and Dexter Suit

Matched with well-tailored pieces, loafers provide a change from the often ‘samey’ brogue. Lending a classic yet laid back footwear option, they make for a smart finishing touch to a crisp look.

Duke and Dexter Suit

Dressing down

Duke and Dexter Dressed Down StyleFor warmer days, pair your D&Ds with a simple t-shirt and jeans or shorts for an added touch of sophistication. Designed for those on the go, they will see you through the day comfortably and the lining will ensure your feet stay cool and dry.

Duke and Dexter Dressdown

Smart casual

Duke and Dexter Smart Casual StyleFor the smart casual look, keep it simple with a button-down white shirt and black trousers. Match with either plain D&Ds for a classy look or if you’re feeling brave, opt for a bolder style to inject some vibrancy.

Duke and Dexter Smart Casual

Street style 

Duke and Dexter StreetstylePair your D&Ds with a cool tee and some jewellery to add a street style edge to your look. Opt for one of our bolder styles such as Storm Trooper or Classic Camo to make a statement with your style. 

Duke and Dexter Streetstyle Product Focus