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FACES #7 Harry Hatchwell



Introducing our latest D&D Face- London based accountant Harry Hatchwell. Taking a break from his busy life, he gives us an insight into his work, his love of yoga... and London Zoo. On top of his passion for interior design.  


Name: Harry Hatchwell


Age: 24


Instagram: @harryhatchwell


What advice would you give to your younger self?


Do something creative, something you can wake up and enjoy. I think it is important to try and find a balance between creative flair and business acumen at a younger age instead of taking a huge leap from one to the other. I should have done more courses in my spare time.


What pointers do you have for people looking to get into the same industry?


Commit yourself to finding a focus, whether that be creative or business orientated.


Talk me through your style?


Comfort is my priority at the moment. I’m less Italian groomed than usual. I am all about having properly tailored suits but when it comes to causal wear I’m not too fussed – I’m enjoying the baggy aesthetic at the moment.



Which labels have caught your attention at the moment?


I love the Uniqlo x Lemaire collaboration – every time I pass the Oxford Street store I drop in. When it comes to business attire, I was lucky enough to win 2 tailored suits recently! Before that I was a firm Reiss man. Their suits are nicely cut and not too expensive.



Who is your personal style icon?


I like a guy called Mariano Di Vaio – he is one of these Instagram celebrities. He is maybe a bit too ‘Italian’ groomed for me but he has quite a cool look.


Favourite spot in London?


London Zoo is the only place to be on a summer’s day! You’ll find me next to the pandas. Then I’d wander into Primrose Hill and grab an iced coffee.


How do you spend your down-time?


At the moment I’m in between a rock and a hard place in terms of exams, so my down time has only been yoga – bikram, hot, cold. One-legged, flamingo style poses have got to be my favourite!


If you weren’t an accountant, you’d be…


If I wasn’t an accountant I’d be… happy! I love interior design - I am really interested in creating spaces, playing with colours and furniture. 


What’s next for you?


I don’t know. I’m happy to go with where I am right now and see if anything opens up on the creative side of things. I’d maybe look for something that bridges the gap between what I’m doing now and something a little more entrepreneurial.