Galamb Tailoring

Duke & Dexter recently collaborated with Galamb - a Budapest based tailoring brand. Having over 100 years' experience in designing luxury, made to measure apparel, they share our belief in craftsmanship and each of their suits are handmade to the highest quality.


They describe themselves as ‘devoted to gentlemanly elegance, while still welcoming colour and unconventionally’. Similar to D&D, they choose to innovate the conventional by working off traditional styles - yet offering a range of textures, prints and colours to create bold, personal ensembles.


As winter approaches and events move indoors, D&D's are the perfect choice of footwear to match a crisply tailored suit. While our darker styles such as Bowler Black can set off a smarter, more elegant look, the more colourful designs can inject vibrancy into an outfit as Galamb demonstrates wearing our Bullish Blue with Red Trim design.