In Pursuit Of Adventure - D+D Gives Back

The euphoria that comes with the highs of success – the adrenaline rush of doing the impossible – the sense of relief knowing that you’ve accomplished something special. Often the feelings associated with being in the pursuit of your own adventure are ones of elation, exhilaration and excitement.

But there’s often more to the adventure than meets the eye. From training to preparation, the journey can be long and arduous – full of pitfalls and defining moments that would see you succeed or fail in a matter of seconds.

It’s in these moments that we are at our lowest. Feeling alone, scared and worried about our physical and mental well-being.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with two charities that specialise in men’s welfare. With every sale of our latest sneaker, we’re donating 10% of profits to Orchid, a charity specialising in the fight against male cancer, and CALM, who support the campaign for men’s mental health.

Together, with these charities, we’ll be using our #inpursuitofadventure campaign to champion the discussion of men’s health – as well as highlighting the ups and downs of what it means to chase your own adventure; something our ambassadors Jenson Button and Jon Olsson know all about.