#INMYDDs X Morgan Seaford

Introducing the second instalment of #INMYDDs, our latest campaign which showcases artists using their unique talent to share experiences and stories with others. 
Our resident artist Morgan Seaford has been painting since she was old enough to pick up a paintbrush. She sat down with our team to share her story about how she got into art, her inspiration for her work as well as her favourite style tips.


Morgan Seaford Painting Bespoke Duke & Dexter Loafers

Can you tell us a little about you... where are you from?

I'm from a small town in North Somerset called Portishead (most people say "like the band?!" - Yes like the band!). I moved to London four years ago to study hand embroidery at the Royal School of Needlework. I then worked for a few designers such as Ralph & Russo, Nicholas Oakwell and L’Wren Scott, but I decided I wanted to do something I was more passionate about, like painting. It’s always been a second nature to me to pick up a paintbrush instead of a needle!

When did you start painting?

I started painting as soon as I was able to hold a paintbrush! My parents say that my paintings have always been full of colour - multicoloured people wearing colourful clothes, flying cats and rainbow spotty dogs. I guess old habits die hard!


Why is art important to you?

Art is a form of escapism for me, I pick up a paintbrush and the next time I look at the clock, 5 hours have flown by! I’m quite competitive (within myself) and I want to push myself, each time I paint something, it needs to be better than the last! This helps me to stay motivated.


Who is your muse?

Alexander McQueen has and always will be my inspiration, it may be a little sadistic but I loved the darker side to him. He believed that anything could be made beautiful, and he would find beauty within what would normally be perceived as ‘ugly’. By exploring paradoxes he creates moods within his work, such as exploring the different colours and textures of decaying flowers. I love that.


What inspires you?

Nature has always inspired me, it’s very prominent within my work. I love to incorporate different elements such as flowers, animals and insects to bring a piece together and create a ‘scene. I remember when I was at primary school, my mum would unpack my school bag everyday and she once found 6 LIVE snails in my front pocket because I wanted to bring them home to draw and keep as pets! Safe to say I was grounded after that.


Morgan Seaford Bespoke ShoesMorgan Seaford Bespoke Loafer Painting


Where do you hope art will take you in the future?

You never know where art will take you. While I have my degree in hand embroidery, I am focusing on painting at the moment. My love for being creative has always been firmly embedded within me, but my goals are different each time. The skills within art are so diverse and easily connected and interchangeable so I  enjoy combining them both in all my work. Let’s see where the wind takes me!


What is one of your best stories about art/painting?

I would force my little brother to have 'den days' where we’d would collect all of our art materials and I’d create a pillowed den in my room where we would sit and draw for hours together hidden away from the world (or basically our parents!). I think I was a little bossy and I taught him how to draw 'properly', but he actually got really good at drawing after that!


How many different shoe types have you painted?

It's mainly trainer types or loafers as they have the best surface area- high heels are beautiful but they're so dainty, so there's not as much you can do on them. I like to paint large pieces of art with lots of detail so men's shoes are better as they let my creative imagination run wild!


What is your favourite pair of shoes?

I have a few! But I'm going to stick to my childhood fantasy - Christian Louboutin's. Not really because of the style, I just love the concept behind the whole red sole. This was when he was a little less well-known and not on every person's wish list!