Shoes Can Wait

For the first time, the world is fighting something together, as one. We all have our part to play in the battle against Covid-19, and we’re committed to helping make the difference, giving anything we can as a small brand to the national and global effort.


Our UK factory has switched production operations from footwear to face masks, as we help to contribute towards the rush in supplying the NHS, emergency workers, care homes and hospices with the protection they need to stay safe on the front line.

From next week, we’ll be aiming to produce 20,000 masks per month, which are going to those most in need of them, completely free of charge. 

We’re one of many doing what it takes to help beat Covid-19, but as a small brand with a voice and a connection to thousands of people, we’re taking this opportunity to encourage safe practices at home, and hope that us doing our small part will inspire others to do theirs. #AsOne