The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Shoe Styles

A wise man once said you should spend money on two things: your mattress and your shoes. If you’re not in one, you’re in the other, so taking the time to consider investing in both is a pretty smart move.

Cue our ultimate footwear guide – your new bible to the styles you need to introduce to your wardrobe to make sure that if you’re not lying on your mattress, you’re looking sharp and feeling comfortable every time you leave the house.

Men's Loafers

The back bone of every smart look, and the bread and butter of Duke + Dexter, the loafer is perhaps one of the most versatile shoes you can own that err to the side of formality. Our loafer has been specially designed to feel modern, sleek and sharp. A toe shape that offers a slightly round feel ensures you can still wear our loafer casually with denim, but some plush fabrications make sure that when it’s time to pull out all the stops, our loafers will go the distance with your outfits.

The Duke + Dexter Black Pyramid is a great example of this versatility – made up from a unique 3D effect upper that provides loads of texture, it’s interesting enough to wear casually, but clean enough to wear with a sharp suit or even a daring accompaniment to black tie.

Men's Chelsea Boots

Perhaps the king of all the boot styles, the Chelsea Boot is a year round essential. Not just reserved to the winter months, the Chelsea boot’s sleek shape round the toe makes it perfect for casual evening wear during the spring and summer. Available in a range of finishes that take them across a spectrum of smart feels, we believe the Chelsea boot belongs on the casual side of your wardrobe – so you’ll find plenty of rugged leathers and deep shades of suede in our offering.


Ideal for every day wear, with little maintenance needed, sneakers promise durability, comfort and of course, a little slice of versatility.

As we all know, sneakers dominate the modern man’s wardrobe. The style you choose says a lot about your own personal taste; whether you’re preppy, a minimalist or draw all your inspiration from sporting culture – the sneaker is a lot more complex than it looks on the surface.

Ideal for every day wear, with little maintenance needed, sneakers promise durability, comfort and of course, a little slice of versatility.

The Duke + Dexter Drake Off White Hiker Low is a great option for casual wear. Team it up with denim or chinos and let the colours contrast – the easy colour of the suede makes sure that you don’t have to over think how you’ll wear this pair.

Looking for a pair that can offer a bit more to your wardrobe? Try the Duke + Dexter Drake Black Leather Hiker Low. Finished in plush black Italian leather, these sneakers are the new best friend for a pair of black denims or trousers, taking you from dinner to the bar on a Saturday night with ease.


Lucky enough to be in warmer climes soon? Mules are a great option for when the sun comes out and the mercury begins to climb. With a removed heel section making them open backed, the mule provides all the comfort of a slip on, but gives an extra touch of class that means you can dress them up or down. Wear them with loose fitting trousers for a louche look, or team it up with a tailored suit for the evening and an open collared shirt to take things a touch smarter.


Sitting poolside? Just because you’re relaxing in the sun doesn’t mean that you have to let your place in the style stakes slip. Slides are a great alternative to the traditional holiday favourite flip-flop. More substantial, way more comfortable and generally a lot better looking, the slide works beyond your few hours on the sun lounger. Easy to pair up with lounge wear or shorts, a pair of slides can go the distance if you’re having a week in the sun.