AW23 Drop Three Lookbook

After leaving Yosemite, the road took us south. Not too south, though just south enough to bring lookbook number three to life.

Finally, we arrived in California, Calabasas to be precise. A celebrity hotspot, the wealthiest city in the USA. An area often forgotten due to its take on privacy - one that calls for the Wilde Penny Loafer. 

It felt like we had arrived on the set of MTV cribs, without the little fibs and scandal, of course.

It was here that we met Caramel Bobby who ran us through the paces of his own brand Saint Mxxxxxx on location, surrounded by paradise swimming pools, decor pillars, 4x4s and marble. Showing us how to style the Wilde Penny Loafer with his signature Calabasas flair turned up to 100.

Not a bad deal, really.