AW23 Drop Two Lookbook

For Way Out West, we plotted a route to cover four locations. One lookbook per drop. Nothing but classics, because that’s the D+D way.

We invited Luca Fersko as our first American guest, riding shotgun alongside Ilana Luna - the first female to face a D+D collection. Leading the way as we put more energy into pairs made specifically for the ladies.

In Yosemite, we shot our second lookbook - featuring designs influenced by the Wild(e) West and all three new styles. Welcoming the Wilde Penny Lug this time, too.

California allowed us to escape. Not from reality, per se. Yet, just enough to forget about the Elizabeth Line, Hackney pubs and Soho Square for a while.

Surrounded by trees and waterfalls, cliffs-edge and crystal streams, we found peace in Yosemite. Mission complete.