Duke Racing 1

We returned to London with an idea to help launch Duke Racing properly. D+D’s first clothing capsule to be refined by our team of in-house designers, before one of Europe’s finest factories manufactured each garment by hand.

It wasn’t enough to think and speak motorsport, we had to live it, too. We took the Duke Racing capsule back home. Far away from pit lanes and raised curbs. To a car garage, a mechanic’s heaven. A privately-owned nirvana. Home to more than your fair share of elite classic cars, many of which form the cloth-laden editorial background.

Wrapped in our own racing livery, the Porsche 911 “Duke” Turbo. Loaded with graphics lifted from each garment and strategically placed onto the body panel from bumper to bumper.

The personification of Duke Racing, a vehicle selected to be our cherry on top. One for collectors with taste, with an eye for finer details. A classic in its own right. Situated in South West London, just half an hour from D+D’s Brixton HQ.

It was here, with this car that Duke Racing really began to make sense. The hours, care and infinite rounds of samples. They were all worth it. 

Not your average car. Far from your average clothing collection.