How To Wear Our Hunt Driving Loafer

After two years in a world without our Hunt Driving Loafer, it can be hard to remember how we rocked them last time around. But, that’s not to say you’re allowed to skimp out on the trimmings, every pair of D+D’s deserves to be worn properly. We don’t cut corners, so neither should you.

Fortunately, whilst shooting at Club Morocco, we've done the hard work for you. This is how we’ll be throwing down a new season of Drivers at D+D, until we’re told not to.

Obviously, you don’t have to listen to any of the above, or even pay attention to the images below - that’s entirely up to you. But, just know that these are not your average Loafers, meaning they’re not for average wear.

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Whether you’re cruising from A-to-B or lounging in the sun, our rubber gommino sole doesn’t play games - switching out the custom Penny sole we all know and love for low-riding bumps. Perhaps you could say the Hunt is a little more casual, without losing that DUKE + DEXTER charm.