The D+D Factory


Our Wilde Penny Loafers are handmade in England, with every pair starting life at our London HQ.

From London, our Wilde Penny designs head North for construction - arriving at a factory that plays host to 80 years of experience and an array of old school production techniques, wielded by some of England’s finest shoemakers. We’re committed to supporting British craftsmanship. Not just because of a weight it bears, but because we enjoy collaborating closely with our workshop to handpick and carry our materials in a more sustainable direction.

Whilst our other styles land in Portugal, each factory ensures DUKE + DEXTER is Made Different - it’s our approach to design that promises comfort and perennial wear, not your standard run-of-the-mill footwear. We understand our consumer, so every style is produced in limited runs to sell out and avoid waste.

Total transparency is something we're very proud of at D+D.

From production routes to materials used, we try to keep our footprint to a minimum; to visit our factories takes an hour on a train, or less than two hours on a plane. We get access to some of the most premium materials in manufacturing, pulling expertly prepared materials from Italy.

Sustainability comes in all shapes and sizes - for us, this is a nod towards responsibly sourced materials attributing to a lifetime of wear. Once they’re gone, you may never see them again.

Our quality speaks for itself.