SS23 - Club Morocco

You may be wondering why we chose Morocco and the reasons behind packing our bags before relocating to the middle of a rocky desert. In truth, we wanted to get lost.

Not get lost physically, but get lost mentally. We wanted to forget about the London, we wanted to find our nirvana with those closest to us, surrounded by natural beauty and points of unspoilt bliss.

When idealising everything we hoped Club Morocco could be, we were inspired by a settlement stuck in time - a natural birthplace for our collection of updated classics, rife with complimentary palettes and textures throughout. It was here that we touched base with a 17th century Riad before moving further into the desert, void of any company bar our own.

These palettes gave the urban landscape of Old Town Medina a voice. An opportunity to tell stories of tiled mosaic, rug markets and highly -skilled wooden craftsmanship lost in the Agafay Desert’s wake.

SS23 felt at home in Marrakech, welcome to Club Morocco.

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