The Hardy, Glasgow and Leon Cerrone

Despite being based in London, we’ve never felt confined to just that. We headed North to spend an entire day with one of DUKE + DEXTER’s longterm family at the heart of Glasgow.

Leon Cerrone knows his way around a pair of D+D’s, there’s no question. Long before delving into his love for mixing vinyls and good caffeine, it was his attention to detail that first caught our eye. On the day, he treated us to a 1-on-1 DJ set after selecting a handful of records from his local store, rounding off the day with a trip to Outlier Coffee where Leon coordinates community socials and events.

Much like Leon and Outlier Coffeeshop, our own community plays a key role in each decision we make. So, this means that we try to involve our closest friends and family in everything we do. If it doesn’t align with those wearing D+D’s on a daily basis, then it just won’t happen.

A day in the life of Leon.