Way Out West - AW23, Drop One

We took SS22 to LA in search of a Time + Place. Cut through the Scottish Highlands for AW22 with a Right to Roam, and soaked up SS23’s Mediterranean sun with our friends and family at Club Morocco.

For AW23, we headed Way Out West. Following in the footsteps of John Wayne and Clint Eastwood. Living a movie of our own as the main characters on a cattle-ranch in rural Yosemite, only to follow a plot that unfolds in California.

We plotted a route to cover four locations. One lookbook per drop. 

Drop one meant it was time for wild horses and cattle-wrangling, double denim and stetson hats. The Boss of the Plains, setting up camp fires as we go.

Beyond the Desert Ranch, AW23 came into its own.

The faux animal prints, cowboy boot embroidery, reptilian embossing and custom gold buckles. From dawn until dusk. You just had to be there.