Suede Sneakers

Our collection of suede sneakers has been purpose made for versatility. Designed in our lab in London, each pair is hand crafted and built the D+D way – with comfort and quality at their core.

Suede’s one of our favourite materials to work with, and our suede trainers are all made from responsibly sourced materials. We make it our business to know exactly where our suedes come from, who made them, and how.

We show the same attention to detail when it comes to production, too. Made in England, our sneakers are built the D+D way, using time tested skills to produce styles that are relevant to wear today.

Our men’s suede sneakers are made using Italian suede, or go-rain suede; which has natural water resistance, for year round wear. Suede gives a depth and texture that other materials can’t – it’s simple to keep looking as it should too: check out our care guide if you want to find out how to clean suede sneakers.