Craft puts more than just quality into something. With the help of people who live and breathe being masters of their trade, we show you exactly what it takes to be #wellcrafted.

“You have to invest in yourself if you’re going to be a serious craftsman.”

Made by hand in England, the Wilde loafer is by design, entirely devoted to quality. From an Italian leather sole to a sleek profile, every aspect of this penny is rooted in the craft of shoe making.

“Provenance is very important. When factories have been making for a long time, you know they are doing something right. I find just by touching a shoe you can tell from the materials used whether it’s great quality or not.”

We’ve used some of the finest suede known to man to make the Wilde, from Charles F. Stead. Elegant, plush and buttery soft, the quality of this material lets us make these loafers unlined, giving you a sleek fit and comfort that goes all day long.

“This loafer is great because it has the formality of a traditional shoe but with the comfort and softness of a modern lightweight loafer.”