DUKE + DEXTER X Peachy Den

Designed with inspiration in mind, with the intention of bringing women from across the globe together for one sole purpose. An opportunity to empower not only those who wear the brand, but those who manufacture it, too.

Peachy Den represents so much more than your standard clothing brand. Wear-testing everything themselves to ensure the level of quality and fit of each piece is something to be proud of.

Creating a platform to survive the test of time. A platform to be remembered by a community through events, activations and a love for all things Peachy, without compromise.

Using mindful production techniques and some of Europe’s best suppliers to promote transparency and traceability.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it. This is a space reserved for Peachy Den’s debut collaboration. As it should be.

In collaboration with Peachy Den, DUKE + DEXTER presents a two-part capsule. A capsule that combines faux crocodile leather with contrast stitching, to create a duo of Wilde Penny Loafers pulled straight from the ‘00s.

Designed for women, by women. Community for community. Made Different.