D+D Racing x Jenson Button

Adventure is tough. It’s gruelling, demanding, and commands respect. Finding it isn’t easy, and it has a different drive for everyone – both enigmatic and fleeting, equally euphoric and exhausting.

Taking on that adventure is another matter; talent alone won’t get you through, belief gets you nowhere without grit determination and luck can be elusive when it’s most necessary.

It’s this struggle to live the adventure, to succeed in the challenge that others daren’t think of that gives us focus in our latest campaign – In Pursuit Of Adventure. It gives us an understanding of the efforts that athletes, explorers, daredevils and risk takers go to, to achieve the impossible, push the envelope and make what others can only dream of a reality.

A celebration of the defeats, the successes, the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, the pursuit of adventure is embodied by a man who has seen it, felt it, survived it and thrived from it; Jenson Button.

He’s one of the most celebrated British racing drivers that has ever lived. A Formula One world champion, with a record number of grid appearances under his belt, Jenson has been the face of tyre screaming, g-force defying adrenaline since his first entry into F1 at the turn of the millennium.

7 teams, 306 starts, 15 wins and 1 world championship later and Jenson has become much more than just an F1 star. He’s gone on to race in Japan, compete in the Ironman Triathlon, and even founded his own race team in California – debuting in the infamously gruelling Baja 1000 race through the Mexican desert.

It’s hard not to admire a man that has done so much and done it so well. It’s Jenson’s pioneering spirit to push himself into the unknown – sacrificing his mind and body to win it all - that makes him the perfect face for our In Pursuit Of Adventure campaign.

Duke + Dexter has always sought to be different – to be the shoes on the feet of those who are in the world to leave their mark; and Jenson is the very expression of that go anywhere and do anything spirit.

We travelled to the other side of the globe to meet up with the new face of our In Pursuit Of Adventure campaign – following his footsteps in the run up to the inaugural race of Team Rocket in the Baja 1000, the most dangerous race in the world. From his now hometown of LA, to the baron Mexican desert, the stage was set for the launch of our latest collaboration: D+D Racing x Jenson Button.