Sean Slipper Styling Guide

When it comes to styling, there’s no wrong way to fit out our Sean Slipper - believe us, we’ve seen it all.

But, it’s about time you dropped the grandad slippers, as nothing comes close to the way our close Friends and Family throw together an outfit. We wouldn’t want the whole crew to dress in-sync, of course, however no one ever said inspiration was a bad thing.

Everyday life is somewhat more fast-paced than it used to be, we’re pulled from here to there both voluntarily and involuntarily to appease the in-laws.

By combining technical Italian mesh with premium suede to keep your feet cool, we took a utilitarian approach to comfort no matter where you end up. That’s why a simple sweatpant compliments the Sean, a universal essential that attributes timelessness on a grand scale.

Typically, the Sean doesn’t hit the streets all too often - slippers are destined for sofa lounging and kitchen darts. However, we don’t abide by the norm.

Combine the Sean slippers with a pair of loose-fitting pants or jeans and your favourite sweatshirt as you explore London’s concrete jungle, putting those custom non-marking sneaker soles to the test as our soft shearling liner keeps you cosy wherever the destination may be.

At D+D, if you're happy then so are we. Comfort is key - but please, no more grandad slippers.