1OF1 Custom Service

If you’re not yet familiar with DUKE + DEXTER’s 1OF1 custom service, we think it’s about time that you got to know about it. However, if you’re already up to date with all things D+D, how about we welcome a brand new service for AW22.

Run by our specialist in-house artist Jess, 1OF1 allows you to take full control of the design process behind your footwear without altering D+D’s trademark level of quality and comfort. Ultimately, you can switch up the colourway or add minor details using our silhouettes as a blank canvas - it’s still DUKE + DEXTER, just Made Different.

Despite working as fast as possible, we were inundated with requests for a more cost-effective way to bring Jess’ hand-painted 1OF1 designs to life. So, we’ve done exactly that.

Initially painted by hand, perfected and transferred onto paper, each design is completed in-house before being printed onto a very limited run of our signature Italian leather loafers. We’re set to launch original designs periodically, each as limited as the last beginning with the Wilde Ski Penny Loafer and setting the tone for each season going forward.

Kickstarting the 1OF1 creative process with research, a mood board is curated using inspiration for possible themes to carry further; Jess works with D+D’s design team to develop the stronger ideas before a final concept is chosen.

Each design is sketched out until ready for hand-painting in our London studio, edited, then formatted before sending the finalised CAD mock-up to our trusted printers. We take time to ensure the design is just right, meticulously printed onto test vamps to tie in the desired layout and vibrancy of colour.

With the printed design process comes weatherproof artistry and pairs being immediately available at your fingertips.

Due to the limited nature of each style - once they’re gone, they’re gone. No restocks, no second chance, nothing - 1OF1 by name, 1OF1 by nature.

Made Different.