The D+D Factory


Yes, we make in England, but you won’t find any tales of century old traditions or entire towns and generations of people devoted to making shoes on our factory floor. Instead, you’ll find innovation, passion and excitement.

Our factory sits in the heart of the UK and is our base for producing styles that carry the world-renowned stamp of made in England quality that we’re so committed to. That, however, is where the similarities with the English shoe world stops. Our production team are master craftsman, making our loafers, boots and sneakers in the same building to exacting standards, but they’re not like the cobblers of old – their interest lies in what will be soon regarded as the new icons, not the old faithful’s. 



Committed to supporting British craftsmanship and appalled by many of the shocking practices within the fashion industry, we work closely with our workshop to sustainably source and handpick our leathers, suedes and fabrics. By releasing our styles in very limited runs, we're able to ensure we eliminate almost all wastage and only buy what we need. Simply put: Fuck Fast Fashion.


We don't believe in most of the smoke and mirror catchphrases that surround the new buzzword: sustainability. But total transparency is something we're very proud of at D+D. That's why we make sure we can trace all of our materials to their ethical sources and take total ownership of our production. The way we work, the materials we use in D+D shoes and even the fact that we make in England has a big impact on keeping our footprint on the planet to a minimum. We don’t just make in England for the quality it gives us – it also gives us control.

A visit to our factory takes an hour on a train, not ten hours on a plane. Our locality also means that we get access to some of the best materials in the world, fast, without having to send them on a container to the other side of the globe. From luxury house beating suedes from Charles F. Stead to innovative silk and cotton weaves we’ve developed ourselves, our materials are selected to last, to match the pace of the wearers lifestyle and live up to the DUKE + DEXTER reputation of quality beating quantity.