Made Different

Defined by the process of creating product that tells stories with the people who inspire us and lifestyles we relate to.

Made - Prioritising the level of detail that goes into each step of production. From premium materials to an eye for details often overlooked. Every pair must be fit for purpose. Maintaining a standard of which we are known for. Built to exceed the quality of any other brand on the shop floor. Ready to wear, straight from the box. No filler.

Different - We take pride in who we are and what we've become, creating product that we are genuinely proud of. Offering an updated take on footwear with a willingness to do what other brands wouldn’t. Embedding a story in each pair, through printing and editorials with family to create something that truly lasts. Celebrating every success as a team, not as individuals.


Despite being based in the capital, we’ve never felt confined to just that.

This may be our home, but it’s just not the D+D way. It’s why we’ve been continuously growing since the day we were founded. 

We involve our closest friends and family in everything we do, because it’s these individuals around the US and far outside of London that have helped the D+D community grow.

We believe that every collaboration should bear a purpose. We’re looking to inspire pioneers through our own approach and way of doing things, enriching a community of those drawn in by the authenticity of something new and genuinely exciting. 


Dressing those at the top of their game has always been a part of our DNA, it’s important for DUKE + DEXTER to be seen alongside the names and personalities that we admire and have a huge amount of respect for.


We’ve considered each step in production to underpin the level of quality that D+D is now known for. Whilst it may not be possible for our factory in England to make every pair by hand, it’s our attitude towards responsible manufacturing that allows us to work closely with trusted Portuguese factories and Italian tanneries. Each sample will undergo multiple stages of refinement before being considered for release. For this reason, a single style can take years to perfect.

But, that’s just D+D.