Our Story

Est. 2015

Since launching in 2015, D+D has expanded from its London roots into a global community; working with athletes, musicians, artists, designers, photographers and pioneers who do things differently and go against the grain.

We're big believers in making the most of what you own - buy once and buy right is a powerful mantra - and we want the way our shoes are worn to reflect that.


Every D+D shoe starts in our London Design Lab. Our team take their cues from life in our own corner of the capital, creating designs that are driven by necessity. It shows in every pair, with D+D’s taking over a year to develop, being tried + tested to be made ready for release by our exacting standards. From there, it’s off to our factory in the middle of England and our specialist workshops in Europe, where seasoned hands use time honoured skills to make shoes that put quality and comfort first.

We make no bones about it. We hate fast fashion.

The world needs less, and we make less than most, purposefully, to reduce waste. All D+D’s are produced in limited runs, always using responsibly sourced materials. We know exactly where our fabrics come from, we know exactly how they’re made, and we know who puts them all together in our workshops, by name.

For us, that sums up what D+D is all about – deeply passionate and talented people, who are out to push for change in an industry that’s increasingly shifting towards doing more harm than good. The team do it with conviction; creating styles and stories that exist for a reason. It’s this purposeful drive and desire to always be better that makes us who we are.