Walking Of The British Garden

For the first time, D+D has come together with Percival Menswear to collaborate on a Wilde Penny Loafer capsule of two parts.

Inspired by ‘walking of the British garden’ for Percival’s SS23 Forager Collection, we’ve draped our Wilde Penny Loafer in Rattan weave as tribute to the brand’s crochet shirts, before embroidering their ‘Nettle’ tapestry textile across the vamp of Wilde Penny Loafer number two.

Growing out of East London’s Hackney, Percival is another member of our London-based family committed to supporting those working against the grain. Aiming to give a fresh perspective on staples, hence ‘subverting the classics’. A pioneer needs clothes too, you know.

We’ve come to blows in 5-a-side football, shared thoughts on editorial styling and now it’s time to bring two areas of London together for a collection of ‘necessary summer pieces’.

It’s rare to find a brand that shares our attitude towards production, whether that be sourcing the most premium materials or manufacturing locally in small quantities to maintain a high standard of quality. Pride, that’s what we’re all about.Italy for materials. Portugal and England for production. Research, sample, repeat.

Subverting the Classics meets Made Different.