As the old adage goes, prevention is better than cure. Prepping your D+D’s for life on the outside of their box will go a long way in making sure they hold their shape, keep their unique features and stay looking like they should. A simple protection spray can work wonders. Simply spray your pair before you wear them – ideally with enough time for them to settle overnight – then wear them as usual. This is worth doing every other month or so, and helps to fight of water marks as well as signs of heavy wear.


Like anything worth having in your closet, your D+D shoes will demand a little bit of TLC every now and then. It’s always worth keeping them in a cool, dark place to avoid any colour fading whilst you’re not wearing them. 

Brush – brush your D+D’s down. A shoe brush is perfect for the job, but any small stuff brush will do, and will help to get rid of any dirt or dust that’s sitting on your shoes. If you’re planning on spraying your D+D’s with a protective spray, it’s always worth brushing first so you don’t trap anything nasty against them.

Polish – for leather shoes and boots, a good polish will do wonders for keeping the leather supple and soft. Brush them clean first, then apply polish in small circular motions. Finish off with another brush (use a clean one), and you’re good to go.

Scrub – for the sides of soles, especially on sneakers, a hard scrub will bring them up sparkling clean. Grab a toothbrush and some washing up liquid; a little bit of persistence will give you some seriously good results when bringing that shade of white back to life.

Laces – one of the most overlooked but also one of the most important parts of your shoes, your laces are worth keeping an eye on. Replace them as soon as they start to get tatty – it won’t just keep them looking as they should, but it will also save you from the awkward scenario of a snapped lace whilst you’re out and about.



No shoe or trainer is designed to be worn every day for long spells, so keep in mind that giving your D+D’s a rest every other day is a good option to keep them looking sharp. When you’re not wearing your D+D’s, stashing them in a cool, dark place is great – if you can get yourself some shoe trees for them, then even better – these will help the shoe to keep its shape for longer. You can also keep them in the dust bag you get with every pair. Quite literally, the dust bag protects the shoe from anything settling on them whilst they’re in storage, making them much easier to maintain between wears.

 it to protect and care for your shoes


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