He’s one of Britain’s most treasured athletes; a former F1 World Champion, proud owner of an MBE and adored by all – and now, Jenson Button becomes the face of our latest campaign.

A celebration of speed, racing pedigree and the incredible culture behind one of the most dangerous sports in the world, D+D Racing is a dynamic collection of some of our favourite styles, with special touches inspired by one of Britain’s most celebrated drivers.

Jenson Button Sneakers

We’ve developed a series of exclusive patches, all with features that relate to the racing world's vibrancy and energy. As with all D+D's, they've been made right here in England. 

Jenson holds a number of accolades to his name – beyond being a Formula One world champion, he’s also the driver with the second most appearances in the sport, and even a Japanese Super GT champion.

We’re proud to work with Jenson on this collaboration, and bring two great British names together to deliver a custom collection of accessories as well as our loafers, boots and sneakers; all crowned with an unmissable Duke + Dexter homage to motorsport.