Welcome back to Rubber Stamped – 5 of the best things to check out this week.


Spring is in the air (kind of), and it’s got us dreaming of a long hot summer – and wearing these new versions of our Ritchie sneaker all through it. There are three new options to choose from, with unique detailing that makes choosing just one pretty tough.



There’s a lot of people who have been waiting for this – London Grammar’s long-awaited return, coming out with this summer ready tune that’s doubling up as a precursor to their new album, ‘Californian Soil’.

The song brings back what makes London Grammar’s music so likeable; pop repetitions with some alternative undertones inspired by the likes of the legendary XX.

Play this the next time you’ve got a touch of sunshine – it’s guaranteed to get you looking forward to the sunnier times ahead.



Biggie: I got a story to tell

With unseen footage of one of hip-hop’s all-time greats, this Netflix documentary celebrates the life of the Notorious B.I.G as he moves from hustler to rapper. Killed at 24 in a murder that is still unsolved, this show gladly moves away from the circumstances around his death and concentrates on what it took to make Biggie a great.



Bang & Olufsen Beosound Module

Future proof sound tech has arrived from the masters of home audio, B&O – and it looks damn good too. Portable and mountable, these new speakers pump out 105 watts of power to get your favourite tunes playing just how you want to hear them. What’s more, from software to the physical hardware inside, this speaker is component replaceable so you can upgrade when the next batch of tech is released.



In his ‘Writing’s on the wall’ series, British artist David James is bringing a contemporary take to the art of the written word. Across a series of designs, you’ll find pieces fit for everywhere in your home – from the borderline motivational “You greedy little rat”, to the bathroom ready “Happy and naked”.

Originals start at £1,500, with proofs coming in at £425.